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Seacolors Expeditions

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Sea Colors Reserach

Expeditions for scientific research, observations and environmental awareness, dedicated to marine life protection and conservation.

Research mission for oceanic marine life, dedicated to the protection and conservation of species. Sea Colors is a high quality standards operation dedicated to marine life study and conservation. With spirit of mission, we perform expeditions for observations and scientific research in the Azores, a mid-Atlantic wildlife legacy to be shared and protected.

Performing research and being attentive to signals displayed by the animals is essential since observing and studying them allows us to get a better understanding of their behavior and threats, in consequence we can therefore take action to protect and conserve them. By participating in the expeditions you are not just taking part on our work but also founding the research work.

The ocean is inhabited by mysterious and beautiful creatures and in order to match this, the venture is highly informative. On the expeditions we make efforts to remove encountered marine litter and we also organize coastal and ocean clean ups and educational environment protection actions. We also hold additional lectures to inform more about the topics that compose our work and the species inhabiting our waters.


Collecting Data

During our expeditions, Sea Colors collect data about what, where and when animals were encountered. Their behavior is characterized and prevailing conditions are specified. The data is then assed in order for indications or trends to be reveled or supported and to evaluate set hypotheses.

The other world

Marine World

The ocean, such a huge part of our surroundings, yet in many ways a world of its own were distances and voids often generate associations to space. A world filled with taunting mysteries and fascinating creatures, were our search for answers are challenged by a multitude of obstacles. Looking at the subject with the eyes of a researcher of marine biology, the topic is wuthering, jet simply irresistible.

Pop almost any question and the answer is far from “written in stone”. We know very little even about our most abundant cetaceans. We have merely skimmed the surface, of this world so different from ours, but also part of ours.