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Seacolors Expeditions

The founder

Jasmine & Paulo

Sea Colors is a family enterprise led by Jasmine Zereba and Paulo de Melo, a couple with long sea experience of observing, studying and free diving with cetaceans. Jasmine is a Swedish MSc marine biologist and Paulo, the captain, was born in the Azores and since very young attached to the sea by sailing and surfing. They are both active nature conservationists involved in ocean protection programs. Working in the field has given them the insight that a lot of people are just like them: active, curious and seeking genuine experiences.

Paulo and Jasmine live together with their two children on board their sailing vessel in São Miguel Island, from where they also operate a 12 person sea rib for marine life expeditions. They are very welcoming and believe that small scale is the right approach to be in contact with wildlife and to give the best personal attention to their guests at the sea. Their philosophy encompasses an open and adaptive approach, optimizing the enjoyment of the journey for everyone involved.

The need for

Protection and Conservation

If we aim to preserve and protect the marine wildlife we need to persist in the enduring hunt for knowledge. At the present a lot of the cetacean species lack an evaluation of status on IUCNs red list due to data deficiency.

For those cetaceans that are evaluated to be endangered (and there are quite a few) holistic information is required in order to set up a successful conservational strategy.

Also we might not just want to save what is endangered or concentrate on a specie level, but rather manage the marine resources on the appropriate scale, big and small.

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