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Sea Colors is a high quality operation dedicated to marine wildlife conservation. With spirit of mission and adventure, we perform expeditions for study, observation, protection and scientific research in the Azores, a mid-Atlantic wildlife legacy to be shared and protected. Whales, dolphins, turtles, whale sharks, mantas, fish and birds, a vast number of species, all in a set of blue shades, the unique azorean sea colors.

Sea Colors is an alternative for the active, curious and nature interested. We aim to make your encounter with the ocean inspiring and fulfilling by including a combination of different elements in our expeditions that are conducted in a responsible and caring manner, benefiting the species, the environment and the people involved.


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Wildlife Conservation

Performing research and being attentive to signals displayed by the animals is essential since observing and studying them allows us to get a better understanding of their behavior and threats, in consequence we can therefore take action to protect and conserve them. By participating in the expeditions you are not just taking part on our work but also founding the research work.

The ocean is inhabited by mysterious and beautiful creatures and in order to match this, the venture is highly informative. On the expeditions we make efforts to remove encountered marine litter and we also organize coastal and ocean clean ups and educational environment protection actions. We also hold additional lectures to inform more about the topics that compose our work and the species inhabiting our waters.

Reserach on sea

Photo ID

Scars and nicks are often present on the fins and flukes of an animal. By taking pictures of this area we can attain a Photo ID that aids us in recognizing a specific individual. By continuously collecting Photo IDs we find out more about abundance, group structure an distribution patterns. Our primary focuses are on Sperm whales, Commun bottlenose dolphins and Rissos dolphins, were many animals are resident or return repeatedly to the area.

We also create additional catalogues incluind Pilot whales and Baleen whales. Individuals from most of these species have huge living ranges and collaborations with other researchers on a regional and an international scale is needed to grasp the big picture. As a guest you are most welcome to participate in the collection of data and we will brief you up on the subject to whatever point you feel is of your interest.

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